Trendy Summer Styles for 2016

1. Knee Skimming Shorts


The fashion catwalks this year didn’t disappoint when it comes to new and trendy fashion for this summer. While there were plenty of sporty, Seventies-style thigh-grazers, perhaps the more wearable shorts trend this summer is something slightly longer. The majority of shorts hit bang-on knee length, and were either tailored slim without a turn-up and pressed with a crease or cut from something more breathable, such as silk. Patterns were big, but navy was the king color for the season.

2. Neck(erchief)


A neckerchief, neckie, necko, necker, kerchief or scarf is a type of neckwear associated with men’s fashion this year. The neckerchief is then fastened around the neck with the ends either tied or clasped with a slide or woggle. Apart from your more traditional sunglasses and baseball caps, neckerchiefs are the most important accessory for men the season.

The Bold Cuban Collar


Don’t be afraid to go bold. This season we’re looking back to the 1950s and taking inspiration from your grandfather’s favorite short-sleeved shirt. As temperatures rise, toss your button down Oxford shirts. Instead get yourself some lightweight shirts featuring the retro Cuban collar.

Pattern-on-pattern styles


This is not an easy look to pull off! You may end up looking like Mr. Brown in the Tyler Perry TV show! Usually during the seasonal catwalk shows it becomes clear that one particular type of pattern will rule over all for the season – however no such thing emerged for spring/summer ’16. The trend for Summer ’16 is bold patterns & prints and how to wear them. Whether you go for a matching pattern at top and bottom or two color-complementary exploded prints, the key to pulling this off is exercising restraint where it’s needed. Keep your accessories solid colored and preferably in blank-canvas shades like navy, black or white, and let that big bold print speak for itself.

Green-The Money Look


Green is a basic color that seems to transcend the seasons and has been around for a while now. The difference this summer is go for a hodge podge look of blended greens, different patterns, textures and shades.

Baggy Trousers are the Rage


The baggy look has been attempting to surface for quite a few seasons now. For Summer ’16 they have fully burst onto the fashion scene. Many designers this year have incorporated this look. Make sure if you buy a tailored suit that your trousers have the slouched, baggy cut to them. Trust me, it’s in style.

“Chinoiserie”: What is it?


Truly a unique look! Chinoiserie (aka patterns that are influenced by Eastern elements such as dragons, animals and flowers is the rage this season. It’s showing itself more in the bomber style jackets but can also be found in silk patterned shirts, pants and accessories. It’s a beautiful style, bold and confident. The designers of this style are most notably Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Louis Vuitton.

The Basic Baseball Cap


That’s right. The basic baseball cap. This new style though is made from luxurious materials like leather, suede and exotic skins. No more is the timeless snap back in style. These caps are versatile. Wear them with trousers, jeans, shorts or just about anything. Just make sure you don’t make yourself look like you are in the next hottest boy band, always face these caps to the front.

So, if you are feeling particularly “trendy” this season and you want a bold, fresh look to your style, the trends of this summer will not disappoint! Truthfully, they are not for everyone but if you are the man that likes to live new and “on the edge?, these are right up your alley!

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