The Best Razors for Sensitive Skin 

Going by research, over 40% of men suffer from one kind of skin sensitivity or another. These range from intense dryness (making for the itchiness, flaking and rashes), eczema to even severe ingrown hairs. The other majority just prefers placing themselves in the sensitive skin category when it comes to shaving. Whatever the reason, there is increased demand for razors specifically designed for sensitive skin. Here are some of the best available in the market today.

Merkur 34C/38C

You can’t talk razors without calling up Merkur. When it comes to the best razors, the 34C and its cousin with the longer handle-the 38C, fit the bill. Both products are from the German company DOVO Solingen. Put simply, the razors assure you an easy and super smooth shave, especially for those of you with dry skin. They are everything from being well made to easy to use. The 34C goes for about $48 whereas the 38C will set you back around $52. A good price for the quality you’ll obtain.


Gillette Mach 3

Sure, the Mach 3 and the Mach 3 Turbo are great and all. But we’re here for sensitive skin right? For this, the specially designed Mach 3 “Sensitive” comes into play. This model has the required features of the Mach 3 products. The likes of cartridge model razors that enable you to keep the handle and dispose of the snap-on blades should they get too dull. Its cartridges feature the three individual blades that are designed for a super close shave. However, it has something more for those with sensitive skin-the Mach 3 “Sensitive” vibrates gently at different settings.

Braun CoolTec Shaver

This electric razor stands out because of its thermo-electric cooler technology. Yes, it cools down our skin whiles having. How? It has an aluminum cooling bar that has been integrated to its shaver head. Its essence is basically to act like ice and cool your skin as you take that shave. At the press of a button, the temperature can drop by a whopping 20C. This is good news for you looking to avoid those razor burns and redness on your skin.

It doesn’t stop there. You need not use any cream or gel with the Braun CoolTec shaver. In fact, you shouldn’t do so, partly because they can damage the shaver and also as they can act as heat insulators. Due to lack of skin irritation, you will find yourself not needing aftershave balm. What’s more-you can use it both wet and dry.

By default, shaving causes friction against the skin and aggravates it, especially if it’s sensitive. Choosing the right blade can make all the difference. Moreover, ensure that you use a razor that has a sharp blade. A clean and sharp blade glides easier across the skin and will cut down on the level of irritation.


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