The Best Fragrance For Men

The Best Fragrance For Men

The following are the best fragrances for men. The list includes both deodorants and colognes for men that are available on


Cologne is an alcohol based liquid fragrance containing water, alcohol and sweet smelling oils. It’s the equivalent of perfumes for women. It’s applied by spraying or sprinkling on the skin or on clothes. Below are the top five cologne fragrances for men.

New York Nite

It is an impression of Bleu de Chanel by Chanel. It has a mild scent that is ideal for a man who wants to make a quiet statement with his scent.

Versace Eros

This fragrance is unique and defining with its sharp and fresh scent. It uses ingredients that have been the go-to for nice scents from way back in history. These include vanilla, apple, mint and lemon.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Polo Blue is another excellent fragrance for men recommended for night time and summer use for men. It has a bold and powerful scent that is sure to turn heads.

Calvin Klein Dark Obsession

This is a strong fragrance preferred by men who want a more masculine effect of cologne. It has a sharp sued scent that is neutralized by the mild vanilla essence.

Armani Code Ultimate

This fragrance is the best choice for a date or meeting where the man doesn’t want to overwhelm his company with a strong scent. It has a fruity scent from the orange and grapefruits used.



This is a substance that is used to mask body odors. Application is mainly to the armpits to mask the smell of sweat. Those that are combined with antiperspirants prevent excessive sweating. They are popular among active and athletic men.

FA Men Sport Double Power

This is a deodorant that comes in the form of a spray. It is light and effective in concealing sweaty odors making it the fragrance if choice for men.

Nivea for Men Dry Impact

This deodorant comes in the form of a roll-on. Its unique formula gives a mild but distinctively nice scent. It is recommended for use after a shower.

 Dove Men Care Extra Fresh

This deodorant spray is popular with athletically active men and has a cooling and freshening effect on the skin.

The fragrances are all very unique and will help any man make a statement. It should however be noted that the best way to ensure that you smell nice is by taking regular showers. No amount of fragrance can hide an unhygienic person.

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