Spa Etiquette For Men


Going to the spa isn’t just for women. Women love a well kept, smelling good, freshly manicured man. What is the term, “metrosexual?”

Regardless of the term, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man that pampers himself. Sadly, I can only recall 2 times I have been at the salon and witnessed a man with his feet in a chair next to me. A man that pampers himself is showing that he cares about his appearance in more than just the average man.

Here we will address some basic spa etiquette that you will surely want to take note of.

Arrive early

Any spa time is generally going to be geared around relaxation. The last thing you want to do is be running late to your own relaxation time. Get there at least 15 minutes early, grab a drink and relax.

Turn off your phone & devices

Better yet, leave them in your car. No social media, no texting and no talking on the phone while you are in the spa. First of all, no one else there wants to overhear your conversation and just like in a movie, it’s just common knowledge that it’s a definite no-no. Detach yourself while you are there, trust me it’s worth it.


Always grab a shower before any sauna or massages

No one wants to massage a sweaty, stinky body. Would you want to rub oil on someone that hasn’t showered all day? Most likely not and neither does your masseuse. So shower up!

Wear something comfortable

If this is your first massage, you may not be familiar with the standards of what to wear. Most therapists will have you nude but modestly covered with a towel. There are some places that provide paper undergarments or paper pants. If you really are not comfortable with either, wearing a loose pair of shorts or lounge pants is just fine. Just keep in mind that your masseuse may not be able to reach all the areas effectively.

Communication is key

This is an intimate experience although not sexual. Just as you would express to your partner what it is that you like, you also need to communicate with your massage therapist as well. You will want to tell your therapist if she is being too rough or not rough enough. Make sure to articulate the amount of pressure that you would like, if your hot stones are too hot, if the oil or lotion doesn’t smell good. It is completely alright to communicate these things.

Additionally, if you have any allergies, injuries, etc you will want to tell them that as well.

Wrapping up your therapy

Most of the time, therapists will tell you once they are done it is customary to relax a bit in the room alone. There is no need to jump up off the table and rush out. Allow yourself to be aware of your breathing, of how your body feels, allow your mind to wander and your body to fully relax before you leave. After all, that is why you were there, to relax. 5 minutes is a pretty customary amount of time to hang out. Most likely your spa has a relaxation area where you can continue having your “me” time after you are done in the treatment room.

Men deserve to be pampered with facials, manicures, pedicures and massages too. Spa days are not just for the ladies! So men, take your lunch hour and head to the spa. Relax the stresses of the day away and when you get home to your lady that evening, make sure you show her just how much you appreciate her!


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