Choosing the Perfect Dog Companion


Man’s Best Friend. Ladies may disagree however we know how guys love their four legged companions. I’m a definite dog lover, having 4 of my own. If I were to meet someone that says they don’t like dogs, I’m sorry but I don’t think we can be friends. Who can not love the unconditional love that a dog gives you? ...

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Choosing a Summer Vacation Destination

Summer is in full swing and it’s vacation time for many. The kiddos are out of school and the family can now get that much needed “family time.” But where do you go for your family summer vacation destination this year? We have some of the top choices for this summer and we are sure they will please everyone in ...

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How To Naturally Speed Up Your Metabolism


It’s not only women that experience slowing metabolism as they get older. Men also experience this as well. Contrary to what some may think, eating more often can help you lose weight. When you eat large meals with many hours in between, your metabolism slows down between meals. Having a small meal or snack every 3 to 4 hours keeps ...

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Top 5 Health Risks For Men

If you are over the age of 40, you may be experiencing some changes in your health that are concerning. Quite possibly you already have some existing conditions that you are also trying to manage. During midlife and beyond, men’s leading causes of death include familiar standbys: heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease, suicide, and Alzheimer’s disease. ...

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Top 10 Creative Marriage Proposals

You have found “the one.” The woman that you want to share your life with, grow old with and experience life with. Now how do you ask her to be your one and only for life? No proposal is exactly the same and it shouldn’t be! You will want to tailor that special moment so that she (and you) remembers ...

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