Becoming Scuba Certified


The word scuba is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and refers to the equipment which allows properly trained scuba divers to safely explore the underwater environment. At the heart of a scuba diver’s training is learning how this equipment works and the procedures and techniques for its safe use in a course of study that leads to ...

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Choosing the Right Firearm for You


How to Choose a Firearm for Personal or Home Defense Selecting a weapon for defensive purposes is a crucial and daunting decision. Generally speaking, there are two types of guns: handguns and long guns. Handguns are designed for one handed use and portability, but generally lack the stopping power of long guns, which range from shotguns to rifles to submachine ...

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Quick Website Landing Pages


There are times were landing pages suffice for the directive of your website. Not always will you have a full fledged website built with all the bells and whistles. If you are building with WordPress, ThemeForest has some custom built landing pages that you can make custom for your business. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to upload and exceptionally easy ...

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Things To Know Before You Ink Up

Thinking about getting inked? Maybe you are a newbie and this is a first or you are a collector. Either way, these are the Top 10 things you need to know before you go get inked up. 1. Start small. If you’re new to tattooing, there’s no shame in starting small. Give yourself a chance to learn the process, how ...

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Top Business Ideas for Entrepreneur Minds

Dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur? If owning your own business is your goal, the good news is, you can achieve it with a great idea and some hard work. But coming up with a stellar business idea that’s also practical isn’t always easy. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 24 small business ideas to inspire you on ...

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