Living the Ex-Pat Life


THE EX-PAT DREAM What is an ex-pat you ask? Well here is the actual definition: An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing, as an immigrant, in a country other than that of their citizenship. The word comes from the Latin terms ex (“out of”) and patria (“country, fatherland”). Being an ex-pat means being an ...

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5 Timeless Must Haves

mens jewelry

TO BE OR NOT TO BE TRENDY Men’s fashion (or fashion in general) can be a little hard to keep streamlined. If you are wondering how to stay stylish without updating (or upgrading) every few months, we have a few solutions for you. There are just some men’s items that are timeless. It can be 20 years from now and ...

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How Long Do Sperm Live?


INTRO So you and your partner had some AMAZING lovemaking last night but you didn’t use a condom. Are you worried about pregnancy? That is definitely a justifiable concern. How long do you think your sperm can live in your partner’s body after ejaculation? This question is asked quite a bit and the answer just may surprise you! DYNAMICS A ...

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Quick Tips On How To Travel Light


Unlike most women, men like to pack as lightly as possible. Let’s face it, us ladies often have to encourage them to take more clothes than they want to! Whether you are packing for a business trip or going on vacation, it pays to travel light. Minimalists have an edge, both financially and in terms of mobility. Here are a ...

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Life Jackets for your dog


Memorial Day is this weekend and the rivers and lakes will be packed with swimmers, boaters, paddle boards and kayaks. If you are like me, my dogs love the water and I take them with me almost every time I hit the water. Little do most people know, dogs should wear life vests too! Tips 1. Make sure you buy ...

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