Choosing the Perfect Dog Companion

Man’s Best Friend. Ladies may disagree however we know how guys love their four legged companions. I’m a definite dog lover, having 4 of my own. If I were to meet someone that says they don’t like dogs, I’m sorry but I don’t think we can be friends. Who can not love the unconditional love that a dog gives you?

Here we will highlight some of the most common breed favorites of men (although we woman love them too!)

Redbone Coonhound

Do you like to be outdoors, hunting, fishing and doing all those things? You will love the disposition of this dog. It’s known to be quite a snuggler but will also enjoy all those outdoor activities with you as well!

Doberman Pinscher

These dogs are simply amazing. Attentive, beautiful, strong and loyal. They are often feared because of typically being trained for protection. All in all, when not trained in that capacity, these are some mellow dogs to have.


Boxers are like children, they really are! They are bouncy, full of energy, typically love the water, are loyal and have amazingly friendly dispositions. They are very fun dogs to have as a part of your family but they do need a lot of exercise. This dog is better suited for someone who likes being outdoors, maybe runs & jogs and can give them regular stimulation. If you can, you will have a friend for life.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Talk about a gentle giant. Not only are they gorgeous, they are sweet and loyal. High energy dogs and they are often used as companions when marathon runners are training. They LOVE to run! These pups also love to be outdoors and will need an active owner.

Australian Shepherd

The Aussie (as it’s often referred to) is an extremely intelligent dog. It’s been bred to be a herding dog and they are very active. If you want a dog you can take to the park and impress the ladies with, this is a sure fire win!

Tibetan Mastiff

These are huge, and very old. Tibetan Mastiffs are also stubborn like most men, so seems like a great fit for you guys! The puppies are cute, but be careful with introductions with new girlfriends!

Labrador Retriever

Great family dogs and even better companions for guys that love to hunt and fish. They come in chocolate, yellow and black. Great loyal dogs to have by your side. Perfect if you have kids!

American Pit Bull Terrier

These dogs, like many others here, are given a bad name. They are sweet, loyal, great family dogs. If you say otherwise, look at the owner, not the dog. These are great dogs for a man. We absolutely LOVE the

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known as police dogs. They are very obedient. One of the best dog breeds is a Husky/German Shepard. GREAT dogs. Keep in mind the grooming that comes with owning a German Shepherd. They have very thick coats and need consistent grooming. Also, left idle, they WILL be mischievous. They need exercise and a lot of it!

So these are top picks for the fellas. Consider adopting from a shelter or a local rescue rather than buying from a breeder. There are a lot of full bred dogs that are in local shelters for a variety of reasons. I can tell you from a personal standpoint, the love that you will get from a shelter dog is the greatest love EVER!

Please adopt, don’t shop (if possible.)

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