Choosing the Eyeglasses For You

Ever try on a pair of glasses you thought you really liked, but then taken them off immediately once you caught your reflection? Most likely, those stunner shades were just the wrong shape for your face. With so many options out there, it’s not easy to decide what will look best on you (just a hint: the go-to aviator frame may be universal, but widths can vary). Here, we get technical about face shapes to help you pick the right glasses for your look.

The Square Face

A square-shaped face is characterized by a prominent forehead and strong jaw line. The length and width of the square face is usually about equal, and the chin is angular.


Glasses with soft, round lines or minimal frames will look best on your square mug. Oval or circular frames will be a nice contrast, but nearly rimless horizontal frames can also help play up your strong features. The classic black frame will suit well for this style.

The Round Face

The round face is also characterized by an equal length and width, but with much softer angles. Cheeks are usually full on a round-shaped face, and facial features are often delicate.


Slightly angular and rectangular frames will help add length to a round face. High temples on your glasses will be slimming as well. Square-ish frames are fine, but avoid anything with overly harsh lines that will only emphasize roundness. This shape is harder to find a pair of glasses for. Thankfully though, you can play with different frames and you will find one that looks smashing on you!

The Oval Shaped Face

Oval faces are the most common and versatile. The chin is slightly narrower than the forehead, and proportions are balanced overall. High cheekbones are a typical feature of oval-shaped faces.


Just about any frame can work with an oval-shaped face, so find the style you feel most comfortably rocking. Choose frames that are broader than the widest part of your face and avoid anything that unbalances your proportions. Remember: Your eyes should sit in the center of the glasses, not too close to the top or bottom. The classic, chunky or thick, black frame looks good with this style.

The Sexy Heart Shape Face

A wide forehead, narrow chin, and high cheekbones characterize the heart face. The jaw line is narrow as well, making this a tricky face to frame.


Rounder frames will help balance the wide forehead. Because this shape can be difficult to complement with frames, consider rimless glasses, too. Take heed to the frames that Johnny Depp is wearing. Those are very flattering and representative of the style that you may want to look into if you have this shape of face.

Glasses don’t have to be hard to pick. Of course, there are trends that you may want to follow but all in all, pick the ones that suit you and you are comfortable in.

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