The Anatomy of the Dress Shoe


A great pair of go-to dress shoes is a necessary staple for any man’s closet. Even the most casual of men will need to suit up at one point or another. Before you lump all “dress shoes” into one category, find the right pair that suits you with our dress shoe guide. If you take the time to find a ...

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Up Your Cologne Game for Summer 2016

There simply is nothing better than a great smelling man! Ladies, have you ever had a man walk by you and his scent just lingers? How about waking up in the morning to his cologne on your bed covers? There is just something about a man with great cologne that leaves an everlasting impression in a woman’s mind. So guys, ...

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Trendy Summer Styles for 2016

1. Knee Skimming Shorts The fashion catwalks this year didn’t disappoint when it comes to new and trendy fashion for this summer. While there were plenty of sporty, Seventies-style thigh-grazers, perhaps the more wearable shorts trend this summer is something slightly longer. The majority of shorts hit bang-on knee length, and were either tailored slim without a turn-up and pressed ...

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Spa Etiquette For Men


Going to the spa isn’t just for women. Women love a well kept, smelling good, freshly manicured man. What is the term, “metrosexual?” Regardless of the term, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man that pampers himself. Sadly, I can only recall 2 times I have been at the salon and witnessed a man with his feet in a ...

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5 Timeless Must Haves

mens jewelry

TO BE OR NOT TO BE TRENDY Men’s fashion (or fashion in general) can be a little hard to keep streamlined. If you are wondering how to stay stylish without updating (or upgrading) every few months, we have a few solutions for you. There are just some men’s items that are timeless. It can be 20 years from now and ...

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