How to evolve your lovemaking


Do you need some creative ways to enhance and prolong your lovemaking? Don’t worry, many couples do! There are a few tricks that will take your lovemaking sessions from hohumm to WOW! Here are a few for you to enjoy. SEX TOYS Have you or your lover ever experienced play with vibrators or any other sex toys? There are definitely ...

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Add More Excitement To Your Lovemaking (Review)


Are you looking to add some more excitement to your lovemaking? There are dozens of brands of lubricants on the market but we find TROJAN™ Tonight™ to have some of the best reviews out there. It boasts 2 kinds of lubricants to combine into one explosive combination. PRE-GAME™ is used first to enhance that amazing foreplay! The game of seduction ...

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6 Foods to Boost Your Libido


6 Foods to Boost Your Libido Psychologists, biologists, cardiologists and sexologists-they all say the same thing: what you eat greatly impacts your sex life. More so is how much of it you eat. So, let’s skip the BS and get right to it. What are those foods that boost your libido? 1. Eggs These come packed with large quantities of ...

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