Going Organic or Not?

Living organic is a choice, it’s a lifestyle and one that can ultimately lead to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Here we will examine just a few reasons why you should consider going organic. Organic Is the Only Alternative Delivering Meaningful Health Results. It is hard to miss the problems arising in the wake of the conventional food system–toxic ...

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Resistance Training-The best workout you can do

What is Resistance Training? Resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance with the expectation of increases in strength, tone, mass, and/or endurance. The external resistance can be dumbbells, rubber exercise tubing, your own body weight, bricks, bottles of water, or any other object that causes the muscles to contract. Have you heard ...

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How Long Do Sperm Live?


INTRO So you and your partner had some AMAZING lovemaking last night but you didn’t use a condom. Are you worried about pregnancy? That is definitely a justifiable concern. How long do you think your sperm can live in your partner’s body after ejaculation? This question is asked quite a bit and the answer just may surprise you! DYNAMICS A ...

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Father’s Day Gifts On A Budget

mens jewelry

Father’s Day gifts on a budget For the special man in your life, his day is quickly coming June 19th and it’s quite alright if you are on a budget. There are some great gift ideas for just under $100 (or close to it) and we are highlighting a few of them just for you. The Fire TV Stick Fire ...

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Coconut Oil and 5 Reasons Why Men Should Use It


With new research shining a light on this once thought “bad fat”, there are more and more reasons for its’ use. This good fat has the ability to energize you, burn fat, and even treat skin conditions. Its’ versatile uses are becoming well known not just for the health conscious woman but men as well. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and ...

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