The Must Go Corporate Event, For Your Confident Beard

beard growth

There’s a corporate event coming up, and anybody who’s anybody is going to be there, this might just be the chance you’ve been waiting for. You know it’s a sign from the gods when you get a personal invitation, you can’t let this opportunity slip you by, and so you need a game plan to stand out and look sharp ...

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The Best Razors for Sensitive Skin 

Best Razors for Sensitive Skin 

Going by research, over 40% of men suffer from one kind of skin sensitivity or another. These range from intense dryness (making for the itchiness, flaking and rashes), eczema to even severe ingrown hairs. The other majority just prefers placing themselves in the sensitive skin category when it comes to shaving. Whatever the reason, there is increased demand for razors ...

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Top 10 Men’s Aftershave

top 10 aftershave

Choosing the best aftershave product can be a daunting exercise.  However, on Amazon you can readily get the best aftershave product that perfectly suits your desires. Amazon is one of the online stores that give you great aftershave products at very affordable prices. Here are the top 10 men’s aftershaves on Amazon: Tend skin This is one of the best ...

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The Ultimate Guide To Aftershave


An aftershave is a liquid, powder, gel, lotion or balm used mostly by men after shaving. It may also contain an antiseptic like witch hazel or denatured alcohol to pre-empt the infection of cuts. Some aftershave brands have ethanol to numb damaged skin. Fragrances and essential oils have also been used by some brands to improve the scent. Best aftershave for men The ...

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