Choosing the Eyeglasses For You


Ever try on a pair of glasses you thought you really liked, but then taken them off immediately once you caught your reflection? Most likely, those stunner shades were just the wrong shape for your face. With so many options out there, it’s not easy to decide what will look best on you (just a hint: the go-to aviator frame ...

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Things To Know Before You Ink Up

Thinking about getting inked? Maybe you are a newbie and this is a first or you are a collector. Either way, these are the Top 10 things you need to know before you go get inked up. 1. Start small. If you’re new to tattooing, there’s no shame in starting small. Give yourself a chance to learn the process, how ...

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5 Stylish Undercuts for 2016


The undercut has typically been a staple hair trend in men’s runway and editorial looks. Not only strictly popularized in fashion, this hairstyle is common among many film and television stars. It has also celebrated a long-lasting popularity in street style, particularly with the younger generations eager to embrace the trend. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it’s youthful ...

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Up Your Cologne Game for Summer 2016

There simply is nothing better than a great smelling man! Ladies, have you ever had a man walk by you and his scent just lingers? How about waking up in the morning to his cologne on your bed covers? There is just something about a man with great cologne that leaves an everlasting impression in a woman’s mind. So guys, ...

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Top 5 Men’s Safety Razors

A good, sharp, sturdy razor makes all the difference between nicks, cuts, or razor burn and a nice, smooth, even shave. Thankfully, you don’t have to shave with shoddily made, dull, cheap razors if you don’t want to. We are seeing an increase in bringing back the “safety” razors of the old days and would like to highlight some for ...

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