7 Foods to Increase Your Protein Intake 

high protein foods

Proteins are important nutrients vital for cell growth and development of the human body. It’s as simple as that. Proteins are the building blocks of all tissue in the body. We all require a given daily amount of proteins in our diet. Amounts vary depending on lifestyle and personal goals relating to health. For example, athletes and those in intense ...

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Top 10 Men’s Aftershave

top 10 aftershave

Choosing the best aftershave product can be a daunting exercise.  However, on Amazon you can readily get the best aftershave product that perfectly suits your desires. Amazon is one of the online stores that give you great aftershave products at very affordable prices. Here are the top 10 men’s aftershaves on Amazon: Tend skin This is one of the best ...

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How To Survive The Man Flu

man flu

1.  Brace Yourself Man-flu is very real.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  If you can feel it coming on, load up on vitamin C and take it easy. 2.  Quarantine!! Don’t give your flu to your family – or pets!?  Lie low until it passes. 3. You Will Survive Stay positive. You will get through this. ...

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