5 Stylish Undercuts for 2016


The undercut has typically been a staple hair trend in men’s runway and editorial looks. Not only strictly popularized in fashion, this hairstyle is common among many film and television stars. It has also celebrated a long-lasting popularity in street style, particularly with the younger generations eager to embrace the trend. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it’s youthful ...

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4th of July Celebration Destinations


Each year on July 4th, America celebrates Independence Day, remembering the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the country’s independence from Great Britain. Traditionally marked with cook-outs, parades and fireworks shows, Americans do not let the 4th of July pass without a proper party. And even if they are not in the country on the day itself, American citizens ...

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Choosing the Perfect Dog Companion


Man’s Best Friend. Ladies may disagree however we know how guys love their four legged companions. I’m a definite dog lover, having 4 of my own. If I were to meet someone that says they don’t like dogs, I’m sorry but I don’t think we can be friends. Who can not love the unconditional love that a dog gives you? ...

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Hottest New Android On The Market, Samsung Galaxy S7

Are you STILL looking for a Father’s Day gift? It’s right around the corner! Well, this phone is sure to make the special man in your life smile. After all, it is the hottest and most sought out phone right now on the market! Just think, if he drops it in the lake while you are out celebrating, it’ll still ...

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International Traveling to Mexico

Mexico Travel Do’s and Don’ts Summer is upon us and along with summer comes traveling and vacation. Are you planning a trip to beautiful Mexico this year? Here we will review some Do’s and Don’ts to make your trip seamless, safe and fun! DON’T drink water from the tap Unless there’s a sign in your hotel proclaiming that the tap ...

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