How Long Do Sperm Live?



So you and your partner had some AMAZING lovemaking last night but you didn’t use a condom. Are you worried about pregnancy? That is definitely a justifiable concern. How long do you think your sperm can live in your partner’s body after ejaculation? This question is asked quite a bit and the answer just may surprise you!



A woman’s cervical fluid provides the sperm with the nutrients they need to survive during their journey to the ovum. The typical lifespan of sperm in a woman’s body while fertile cervical fluid is present is three days, but in the right conditions sperm can even live up to five days. The cervix is a cylinder-shaped neck of tissue that connects the vagina and uterus. The cervix is made of cartilage covered by smooth, moist tissue, and is about 1 inch across.

That’s right, up to 5 days! So even if you don’t have sex while she is ovulating, she can still get pregnant! This also lends concerns to those one night stands that happen too. You may have just had an encounter but this isn’t a relationship and you didn’t use protection. You have many concerns at hand but pregnancy is definitely a major one!




If you are wanting to avoid pregnancy, there are more types condoms on the market then there are types of candy bars. All you have to do is take a stroll thru the “personals” aisle at your local grocery store and chances are you will see at least 5 brands to choose from and from those 5 brands, even more specific styles. Pregnancy isn’t the only reason to use a condom. We are all aware of the dangers of unprotected sex. Make sure you wrap it up at all times and also make sure you are using your own condoms, not one that was given to you and possibly tampered with.

Just keep in the back of your mind how long your sperm can camp out before you put off that trip to the store!


Just a little known fact about your sperm that you most likely did not know. Now you know. Always take precautions when being intimate and the more knowledge you have about sex, the better position you are in to make better choices.

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