$.99 Domain at GoDaddy!


Are you ready to take the plunge and buy your domain? GoDaddy is the top registrar of domains and there is definitely no shortage of options! They are currently running a special on domains for $.99! However, there are some exclusions to it and if you are looking to purchase more than one at this price, you will have to be a little resourceful.

If you are new to GoDaddy you will soon see that they have more than domains for sale. You can purchase everything you need web-related for your business from them. Starting at domains and up to email marketing, you can choose from a wide array of products.

What To Expect

1. Expect an up-sell if you are talking to a representative over the phone. They are trained to ask you questions to make that sale. They will ask you about your business goals, what kind of marketing you will be doing, how many employees, how you plan on building your website, if you have experience in doing so and so on and so on. Truthfully, most of them really want to help but some are only out to load you up with products so they reap the commission rewards.

2. Pre-payment If you aren’t careful, your total can grow pretty quickly! They will automatically assume that you want the typical 5 year pre-payment of all your products. Be mindful of this! Also, the introductory rates of services like hosting will increase at renewal. Make sure to ASK what the renewal fees will be! If you are storing your card in their system for easy checkout in the future (they will automatically do this for you by the way) then you will be charged the higher renewal without question. Sometimes you can benefit from paying out multiple years, if you have the money to do so. But still always ask what you are paying now and what you will be expected to pay later.

3. Ask for coupons! Or better yet, do a Google search before you call. Coupons take away from their overall commission, so they are not always so forthcoming about giving the codes out. Trust me, they have access to them! To avoid that phone debate though, just do a Google search beforehand.

4. Choosing the right domain name It may seem easier than it is. There is a method to choosing the right domain name for your business. The representatives at GoDaddy are trained to assist and brainstorm with you. They will try to sell you all the extensions that go with your initial purchase as well. This really is only necessary if you are doing extensive branding. For SEO purposes you really only need the .com extension of your domain name. You will want to try to keep your domain as short as possible, leave out punctuation, abbreviations and slang words. Also, watch the purposeful miss-spelling of your name, such as using a Z instead of an S.

5. Website Builder or Hosting? Ask questions! Your needs will differ from someone elses’ and the representatives will sometimes just sell you what they will get a higher commission off of. There is a huge difference between using your domain with a website builder and using it with Linux hosting! Make sure you ask!

Now that we have gotten some of the basic information out of the way, here is the $.99 coupon code! CJCRMN99U

GoDaddy will only allow you to use this for ONE domain purchase. However, there are ways around that…

6213126679_c4f76f603c Register another account
6213126679_c4f76f603c Use a different name on that account and address
6213126679_c4f76f603c Make sure to use a different credit card as well
6213126679_c4f76f603c Try to order from a different ip address too

I’ve been able to use the code several times myself but keep in mind they use a tracking algorithm from their website to prevent people from doing just this. Follow the steps above, you should be fine.

Ready to visit them? Click on the image at the top of the page to be re-directed to GoDaddy. Good luck!

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