4th of July Celebration Destinations


Each year on July 4th, America celebrates Independence Day, remembering the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the country’s independence from Great Britain.

Traditionally marked with cook-outs, parades and fireworks shows, Americans do not let the 4th of July pass without a proper party. And even if they are not in the country on the day itself, American citizens around the world aren’t the least bit hesitant to show off the country’s colors of red, white and blue in a powerful display.

Even if you are traveling for the summer or reside out of the country, there are still many destinations that celebrate our independence for the Americans that live there. More than 6 million Americans live outside of the United States. When so far away from home, what’s an expat to do when the Fourth of July rolls around? There are no baseball games, days off of work or buckets of chilled beer awaiting the American abroad. If you’re feeling a little homesick for parades, picnics and fireworks, here are the best places around the world to celebrate U.S. independence:


Milan, Italy

| Backpack your way through Europe all the way to Italy just in time for a Fourth of July celebration. The museum La Triennale di Milano hosts a party that features your favorites from home. Hamburgers, beer and a free tour of the museum is given in English to party goers.


| It might seem odd to celebrate America’s independence from the U.K. in the U.K., but London has one of the biggest expat communities in the world. Bond together with your country comrades over champagne at founding father Benjamin Franklin’s British home or head to Portman Square Garden where traditional fare like hot dogs are served and patriotic music plays in the background.

Mannheim, Germany

| A whole festival is dedicated to both Germany and America in this city near the Rhine River. The German-American Summer Fest is a week long celebration including karaoke, fireworks, food, drinks and live entertainment that will make you feel like you’re at your favorite neighborhood bar back in the U.S.


Shanghai, China

| This mega-metropolis full of American expats celebrates the Fourth of July with a taste of the Lone Star State. A Texan theme makes these U.S. celebrations the biggest and boldest with a kick of signature Southwest attitude. Line dancing, barbecue and beer are lined up with a grand finale of what China does best, fireworks.


| The Philippines have put a twist the holiday to make it their own, but Americans will have fun participating in as well. July 4 is Filipino-American Friendship Day, commemorating the official U.S. recognition of Philippine independence.



| Sidle up to the bar at Harry’s New York Bar and order two American favorites, a sidecar and bloody Mary, both of which were invented at the establishment. Maybe it’s these cocktails that gave Gershwin the creative kick he needed to compose An American in Paris, which he did in this bar. The experience is topped off with the perfect touch of nostalgia as collegiate flags cover the wall. Spot your alma mater and pass on collegiate regales to your Parisian friends.

Wherever you decide to celebrate, have fun!

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